Bedliner on a Modern Mustang?

Mustang with bedliner paint job

This Modern Mustang Has a Radical Purple Bedliner Paint Job

The movement to paint your car with bedliner such as Raptor Liner has come a long way. Back when I was working on Project Behemoth, it was extremely rare to see a vehicle covered in bedliner. Since then, the trend has increased over the years and now it’s considered a unique and different upgrade for your vehicle.

Painting Your Car with Bedliner Goes Mainstream

This Mustang takes the trend a step further. It appears the owner of this car has contracted Line-X to cover his car in a vibrant purple bedliner paint job. The color isn’t the only thing that makes this car unusual however. The fact that this is a late model, high-performance sports car covered with bedliner is pretty unique. Many people deciding in a bedliner paint job cover their trucks, ATV’s, and off-road vehicles in bedliner for the protection and rugged looks. In this case, bedliner has been used to accentuate the sportiness and uniqueness of the car.

The color is brilliant and really pops. This car definitely stands out and will turn plenty of heads painted in deep purple bedliner. I don’t understand why the headlights are covered, it’s possible that the owner uses the fog lights for illumination and covered the headlights just to make it even more unusual. Either way, this Mustang certainly stands out, and looks pretty nice too.

Even though this Mustang was painted with bedliner professionally by Line-X, these results could be replicated with a DIY kit. Raptor Liner makes a Tintable Bedliner Kit which you can customize with your own base color. If you are thinking about doing your own bedliner project, check out by step-by-step guide to get started on the right foot!

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