Bedliner on your Vehicle’s Roof is a Great Idea

Bedliner on SUV roof

Why Painting Your Roof with Bedliner is a Good Idea

Bedliner has a lot of great qualities. It hides blemishes, it adheres well, it’s relatively easy to apply, and it creates a very durable protective coating. With all these great qualities, I’m a little surprised I don’t see more people coating their roofs with bedliner such as Raptor Liner. Regardless of the climate where you live, a vehicles roof takes the brunt of the weather. In addition, it’s the most likely culprit for tree sap, bird droppings, and general neglect (when was the last time you waxed the roof of your truck?). With all that being said, the roof seems like the perfect place to apply a nice protective coat of bedliner. The picture below is a great example of what I’m referring to:

Rusty roof needs bedliner

As you can see from the next photo, the bedliner looks right at home, and was applied in such a way as to not intrude on other areas of the vehicle. In this example, the owner likely removed the third brake light to get a clean application. For the trim and weather-stripping, all that’s usually required is some careful masking. Either way, the look is clean and the roof is protected.

Bedliner applied to roof of truck

In the next picture, you can see a slightly different approach. For whatever reason, the owner decided not to coat the entire roof, and probably just used bedliner to cover some peeling paint or rust spots. Although I like the slightly cleaner method of spraying the whole roof, it’s not really necessary and the application still looks decent. Also, keep in mind most people never even see the roof of your vehicle. This is especially true if you drive a larger truck or SUV. A small patch like this would be easy to do with a roll-on bedliner such as Dupli-Color Bed Armor.

Bedliner applied to part of roof

Roll on or Spray on Bedliner?

For a relatively small project like a roof, Rolling on the bedliner is a fairly straight forward job, and one of the best uses of the roll-on bedliner. That being said, I still feel like spray-on bedliner is the best choice if you have the money and an air compressor. Spraying the bedliner on will be less work overall, and the texture will generally be more even.

Regardless of what bed liner you choose, it’s really a great product to easily protect your roof and prevent rust from the weathering effects of rain, ice and sun. If you have peeling paint, hail dents, clear coat problems, or surface rust on the roof of your vehicle, applying bedliner is a great choice and a project that will take just a few hours to complete. Be sure to check out my quick guide to painting your car with bedliner before you get started.

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