Bedliner on Wheels – Rugged and Attractive

Bedliner on wheels

Painting Your Wheels with Bedliner is Easy and Looks Great

Consider This Next Time You Want to Paint Your Wheels

Many people paint their wheels for a number of reasons. Some people just want to change the look of their car or truck, and others want to make damaged or ugly wheels look a little more appealing. One option when painting the wheels on your vehicle is to choose bedliner such as Raptor Liner instead of regular paint. It’s different, durable, and easy to use.

Wheel Painted with Bedliner

Preparation is Very Important

Painting your wheels with bedliner is the same process as using regular paint. Wheels will need to be cleaned thoroughly, scuffed, and prepped with a solvent such as acetone prior to spraying. Also, be sure to mask any areas you don’t want covered with bedliner material. As a final note, be careful to spray in an area where over-spray won’t be a problem. You can use a large piece of cardboard to shield the driveway or garage floor, for example.

Wheel Painted with Bedliner

Bedliner is a Rugged Look

Painting your wheels with bedliner provides a rugged look. It really compliments the wheels on trucks and off-road vehicles, as well as ATV’s. Because bedliner goes on thick, it can be more durable than spray paint, and it’s pretty easy to touch up if the wheel gets scraped or scratched.

Wheel Painted with Bedliner


Aerosol Makes the Job Easier

Although you can use regular sprayable bedliner to paint your wheels, it’s easier if you use a 2 part aerosol like the one below. The Raptor Liner 2k Aerosol sprays just like spray paint, although the coverage isn’t quite as good because the product is so thick. Depending on the size of your wheels, you should be able to cover 1 or 2 wheels per can.

There is one last thing to consider if you’re thinking about painting your wheels with bedliner. Bedliner is known for it’s durability, and that means it’s very tough. However, it can be extremely difficult to remove, so it’s hard to reverse if you are the type of person that wants to change the look of your wheels frequently. If you paint your wheels with bedliner, it is a good idea to consider it a permanent upgrade. Whatever bedliner project you’re considering, check out my step-by-step guide to get you started on the right foot.

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