Bedliner on Motorcycles

Motorcycle with bedliner paint job

A Bedliner Paint Job is a Great Fit on Motorcycles

Cars aren’t the only vehicles that lend themselves to a bedliner paint job. One of the other popular applications of a DIY bedliner such as Raptor Liner is motorcycles.

Motorcycles are very popular project vehicles, and as such many people want to modify their look. many parts are upgraded, replaced, or repaired, which is a great time to paint. If you are an out-of-the-box thinker, you may just reach for that bedliner spray instead of a traditional paint job. We have included a few examples below which represent some very cool looks.

A Variety of Cool Bikes with Bedliner Paint Jobs

Motorcycle painted with bedliner

In the photo above, this bike has had the fenders coated with a rugged bedliner. This is a really good choice because bedliner is durable and will help protect the body panels. It’s also pretty easy to match and touch up in the case of an accident.

Chopper with bedliner paint job

Here we can see a chopper painted with the bedliner. The fuel tank, fenders, air cleaner and other parts have all been given the bedliner treatment. Inexpensive and rugged with just a hint of counter-culture, the bedliner paint job seems perfect for the biker who wants to do something a little different. You could easily stencil a design of some sort on the tank to give it a little more detail if desired.

Street Bike with bedliner paint job

From Rugged and Tough to Sporty and Cool

Now we see a street bike with a bedliner paint job on the tank and fairings. Even though bedliner is rough and tough, it’s still sporty enough to look at home on this rocket ship of a bike. You could even paint some stripes or numbers over the bedliner if you wanted to get fancy.

Cruiser with bedliner paint job

Finally, we have a nice cruiser that the owner has decided to upgrade with a bedliner paint job. This is an expensive machine, and the bedliner makes it unique and more special. Again, with bedliner being durable, easy to touch up and match, this is a great option to protect a cruiser that sees a lot of highway miles. If you are planning your own bedliner project, be sure to check out my step-by-step guide. It will save you time and trouble.

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