Can Bedliner Improve the Value of Your Vehicle?

Purple Mustang with bedliner paint job

Can Painting Your Car with Bedliner Increase it’s Value?

Can bedliner increase the value of your vehicle? If you’re selling your car or truck, you want to get as much money as possible. Many older vehicles can be great mechanically, but have major cosmetic issues such as peeling paint and clear coat.

Perhaps you’ve considered painting your car with bedliner to make the old, ugly paint look better. But Maybe you’re not sure how it will affect the value of your vehicle. I have actually done this myself with several vehicles, and I’m going to share my experiences to help you make the decision.

What kind of vehicle is improved by painting it with bedliner?

If you’re not sure if bedliner will increase or decrease your vehicles value, first consider what type of vehicle it will be going on. In general, a bedliner such as Raptor Liner will have less potential to hurt the value of a more rugged type of vehicle. 4×4 vehicles, Jeeps and trucks sell pretty well painted with bedliner in my experience. The trend of applying bedliner to the exterior of vehicles really started with the off-road scene, and it’s still widely accepted by many people who like those types of vehicles. Also, many people view their truck as a durable and utilitarian piece of equipment, and may like the looks and durability of the finish. Generally speaking, I think painting a truck or off-road vehicle with bedliner will increase it’s value over what it would sell for with bad, peeling, ugly paint. That being said, you will probably get the most money if you still have the original finish in decent condition.

truck painted with bedliner

Not everyone is selling a rugged off-road truck, however. Most vehicles in the United States are passenger cars, and therefore most people selling a used vehicle will be in this category. Unfortunately, passenger cars don’t have the utilitarian feel of a truck, and many people searching for a daily commuter won’t be in the market for a rough, bedliner finish.

Be Realistic

As a general rule, you will probably not come out ahead financially by painting your car with bedliner before you sell it. In fact, you might be better off just spray painting it if the paint is really rough. There is one exception however – really cheap cars! Those vehicles at the cheapest end of the spectrum are generally purchased my younger people who may be more open to a bedliner paint job and appreciate something different. In the younger demographic, a person may even pay more for a bedliner finish than he or she would have for a faded, old and boring paint job. The owner of the car below decided to do just that, and when he goes to sell, my guess is he’ll get more money for the car in bedliner than he would have with the original rust spots and peeling paint.

cheap car painted with bedliner

The bottom line? If you have a truck or an off-road vehicle with terrible paint, there’s a good chance you will come out ahead by giving it a bedliner paint job. Otherwise, only paint your car with bedliner for yourself, as most people probably won’t share the same taste. Whatever you decide, be sure to check out my quick start-up guide to get your bedliner project off on the right foot.

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