Clean Trucks in Bedliner

Gen 2 Dodge Ram with bedliner paint job

Clean Bedliner Paint Jobs on Trucks

Here we have a few very clean examples of bedliner paint jobs on trucks. If you want to paint your truck with bedliner such as Raptor Liner, these are some great examples to use when planning your project.

Below is a shot of a nice older model Dodge pickup. These trucks often have issue with their paint from weathering over the years, and painting the truck with bedliner is an inexpensive and easy way to make it look sharp again. In this example, the bumper has been painted with bedliner to match the truck, and the chrome wheels really pop.

Nice Dodge Pickups with Bedliner Paint Jobs

Dodge Truck Painted with Bedliner

Here is another shot of a Dodge from the front angle. Again, the front bumper has been painted with bedliner to match, and in this case the truck has some darker wheels for a more sinister look. Bedliner paint jobs can be very versatile when matched with various accessories.

Dodge Truck with Bedliner Paint Job

Bedliner on a Different Kind of Truck

The Honda Ridgeline is a different kind of truck, and normally doesn’t come off as a rugged vehicle. The bedliner paint job on this Honda actually gives it a tougher appearance, and is a very interesting addition to this truck. This proves that it’s a good idea to think out of the box when planning a new look for your vehicle. You could replicate this look with Raptor Liner Tintable Bedliner.

Honda Ridgeline Truck with Bedliner Paintjob

High-End Pickup With Bedliner Paint Job

Finally, we have a nice example of a Toyota Tundra with a tinted bedliner paint job. The grayish-blue color really looks great, and combined with the aftermarket grille, the truck has a very rugged appearance. 4×4 trucks are especially good candidates for a bedliner paint job because they are resistant to scratches and scrapes you can get from rough terrain.

Toyota Tundra with Bedliner paint job

You can replicate these results yourself with a high quality DIY spray-on bedliner. I have used Raptor Liner with great results and I highly recommend it. If you are considering a bedliner paint job, I highly recommend you check it out on Amazon. Also, take a look at my step-by-step guide before you get started. It will save you time and trouble.

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