Bedliner Paint Job for Hyundai

SUV with bedliner paint job

Unique Hyundai with Bedliner Paint Job

Hyundai painted with bedliner

Here’s a great example of a vehicle with a bedliner paint job that’s a little different that what you might expect. Check out the video HERE.

The owner of this vehicle wanted to go with a “murdered out” look. Interestingly, a bedliner was the fastest and one of the cheapest ways to accomplish that goal. If you watch the video, notice that the roof had previously been sprayed with bedliner, probably over some weathered, peeling paint.

This job would have taken a lot longer and cost a lot more money using a traditional automotive paint. There is more prep work involved and more labor hours, which really adds up fast. On an inexpensive vehicle like the one in the video, a bedliner makeover make a lot more financial sense.

This was a professional job, but the results could be duplicated with a high quality DIY spray-on bedliner, such as the Raptor Liner DIY kit. If you decide to do your own bedliner paint job, be sure to check out my step-by-step guide before you get started.

Raptor 8 Quart Bedliner Kit

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