Project Behemoth

Project Behemoth bedliner van

The Bedliner Project That Started it All

This is my 1989 Dodge Ram 2500 extended van – otherwise known as project Behemoth. I decided to paint my van with bed liner after weighing my options and getting a couple of estimates on “cheap” paint jobs. It cost me a little over $200 to paint my entire van with Dupli-color Bed Armor. The cheapest estimate for a paint job I got was $900. It takes a lot of material to paint a vehicle this size!

Here’s before shot #1 – The van was very clean and low mileage, but there’s no getting around the 80’s paint job. I didn’t really like to color or the stripes, and the paint was fading and peeling in several places. This van was a perfect candidate for a truck bedliner paintjob!

Before shot #2. This is just a shot of the front of the vehicle before my do-it-yourself bed liner paint job. You can see the dents in the hood, which were the only real dents in the van. I’m no body man, and I was hoping that painting the van with truck bed liner would cover some of the dents.

After pic #1. Here you can see the dramatic difference a bedliner paintjob can make. The bed liner is not completely cured in this photo, so there’s quite a bit of “splotching” I tell you how to avoid this in my step by step guide. Of course, the 3″ lift, nerf bars, and larger tires also help achieve the desired look along with the bedliner paintjob!

After pic #2. Here’s a shot of the front end – a huge improvement! The bed liner paintjob did help to cover some of the smaller dents, although you still want to get the surfaces as straight as possible.

After pic #3. The splotchiness is more apparent in this photo. Again, I explain why this happened and how to avoid it in my step by step guide. The splotchiness is one of the main reasons I decided to apply Rustoleum Epoxy paint over my bedliner paintjob. It’s not really necessary if you follow my guide though. Live and learn!

Overall, I’m happy with my decision. I did make a few mistakes along the way, but it was a great learning experience and I would do it again. I’ve included some before and after pictures to give you an idea of what kind of difference a do-it-yourself bedliner paintjob can make. Please check out my step by step guide to see how to avoid the mistakes I made and get the best results when painting your car with truck bedliner.

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