Making Money with Bedliner

Making money with bedliner

Can You Make Money Spraying Bedliner?

We all know that the bedliner industry is big business, with a high percentage of trucks on the road sporting spray-on bedliner. There is a lot of money to be made in bedliner – but do you need to be a professional shop to cash in on this service?

The answer is no. You can make money spraying DIY bedliner such as Raptor Liner out of your garage. The key is to find the niches that the big shops don’t want to do or charge to much for, and step in to offer some more affordable options for customers who want to add a spray on bedliner to their vehicle’s accessories.

Let’s look at some examples of where you might be able to make money spraying bedliner

Grilles and Bumpers

In the pic below, you can see that the grille and front bumper of this truck have been sprayed with bedliner. It also looks like the wheel arches have been sprayed. These are all things you can accomplish with DIY equipment, and you could probably complete the entire project in a day. These bedliner covered accessories are becoming more popular every day.

Wheel Wells

In the next photo, we can see another example of wheel arches (or fender flares) coated with bedliner. The rocker panels are done as well. This is a pretty straight forward project and could definitely be accomplished with DIY equipment.

Make money spraying truck parts with bedliner

Tool Boxes

Here’s another example I really like. I’m seeing more and more tool boxes coated in bedliner to match the bed or other accessories on a truck. Tool boxes get scratched and beat up over time, and bedliner is a great protective coating that makes that expensive tool box look sharp again. Even better, you might be able to find some ugly truck tool boxes cheap. Then you can spray them with bedliner and sell them for a good profit.

Make money spraying tool boxes with bedliner


Finally, let’s not forget about wheels. Bedliner is easy to apply to wheels and can really make an old set of wheels look nice again. This is popular with Jeep owners and I think the DIY bedliner guy could make some decent money. You could market to Jeep and truck owners who might want their wheels sprayed. Also, you could take the same approach as the tool boxes by buying cheap, ugly wheels and flipping them. A great product for wheels is the Raptor Liner 2k Aerosol. It’s tough but easy to work with.

Make money spraying wheels with bedliner

If you are thinking about spraying your car with bedliner – or even making some extra money – be sure to check out my step-by-step guide. It will help you get started with less hassle and fewer mistakes.

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