What is a Schutz Gun?

Schutz gun for bedliner

What Exactly is a Schutz Gun?

This essential piece of equipment is simple and easy to use

If you are planning on a bedliner paint job, you may be wondering exactly what is required to spray it on. The good news is that it’s very simple. With just a couple of pieces of equipment you can get a professional result from a DIY spray-on bedliner.

To spray bedliner, you really just need two things. The first is an air compressor. The larger the air compressor the better, although you can probably go as small as an 8 or 10 gallon tank. The second piece of equipment that is needed is the Schutz Gun. A Schutz Gun is an applicator gun used to apply thick materials such as rubberized coatings, sound deadening, and of course bedliner.

A Schutz Gun has a very wide nozzle in order to apply these thick materials, and there is really no adjustment other than air pressure. (A few do have adjustable nozzles, but most don’t). To change the texture being sprayed, you only have to change the distance you hold the gun from the surface. Having few adjustments makes the gun very easy to use and quick to learn.

How Much does a Schutz Gun Cost?

In addition to being simple, Schutz guns are generally quite inexpensive. Like most things, they come in different quality levels, and some are better than others. You can buy a very cheap one and still get a good result with your bedliner paint job. The drawback is that it may break and not last as long as a more durable and expensive model. If you are only planning on using it once, you can get a cheap one like this one from Custom Coat.

Most bedliner kits come with an inexpensive Schutz Gun like the one above and will work just fine. I do recommend having a second gun on hand however just in case one breaks (I have broken a few). If you plan on spraying bedliner on a regular basis, buying a more expensive one like this one from TCP Global would probably be a good investment. Either way, be sure to clean your gun thoroughly by running a solvent through it after spraying your bedliner. Keep some bristle brushes on hand also to help clean out the pick-up tube and nozzle.

Whatever you choose, don’t be intimidated by this simple and necessary piece of equipment. You’ll find that it’s easy to set up and quick to master. The Schutz gun makes painting your car or truck with bedliner fast and easy. For more info on painting your car with bedliner, be sure to check out my step-by-step guide!

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