Using Bedliner to Restore Your Dash!

Dash painted with bedliner

Restoring Your Dash and Interior With Rattle can Bedliner

I’ve heard of people doing this before, but I’ve never tried it myself. Apparently, aerosol bedliner such as Rustoleum Truck Bed Coating can deliver excellent results. If you want to restore your interior plastics and bring them back to life, you might want to try this technique.

Recently, I noticed a video by SprayWayCustoms that details this process step-by-step. He starts with a cracked dash out of a Caprice belonging to a customer. From there, he demonstrates the steps he goes through to restore the dash pad and make it look as good as new. Additionally, he gives the bedliner treatment to some speaker pods that come out looking great.

In the video, the person restoring the dash goes through quite a few extra steps, but for many people that wouldn’t be necessary. In many cases, cracks can be repaired with some body filler or a vinyl repair kit, and the bedliner could be applied to the dash over the repair. Of course, you can go the extra mile and re-fiberglass the whole piece if you feel it’s necessary. Here’s a shot of the finished piece:

To sum it up, the finished product looks really good! Also, the bedliner gives it a texture and sheen very similar to OEM right out of the can. And it’s cheap too! You can get 6 cans of Rustoleum Truck Bed Coating for under 50 bucks, which will be more than enough to do a whole interior. Moreover, it even comes in different colors.

The video is very informative, and I recommend you check it out. By doing so you can see first hand how you can dress up your interior with bedliner spray:

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  1. I have a 2006 Toyota Avalon that has several cracks in the dash. I’m considering using a bedliner aerosol spray as a top-coat to repair the dash. My concern is the off-gassing of odors and how long that continues to be noticeable. Your opinion and recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

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