Bedliner is Great on Trailers Too!

Trailer with bedliner paint job

Bedliner on Your Trailer Can Improve Looks and Safety

Obviously, bedliner is a durable, versatile, and to many,  attractive coating for many aspects of a vehicle. But have you ever stopped to consider the advantages of applying bedliner to a trailer? Even if you’re not looking to paint your entire vehicle with bedliner, you may want to consider the added safety and durability a DIY bedliner has to offer when it comes to what you pull BEHIND your vehicle.

ProductEase of UseCostPurchase Options
Raptor LinerEasy$$$Check on Amazon
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Bed Armor Roll-OnMedium$$Check on Amazon
Rustoleum Bed CoatingVery Easy$$Check on Amazon

Bedliner is Skid-Resistant.

Trailer painted with bedliner

There are many ways bedliner such as Raptor Liner can be used to improve the functionality of a trailer. One of the main ways is applying it as an anti-skid surface. After all, coatings similar to bedliner are used in many industrial applications just for this purpose. They are rough and provide traction, resistant to chemicals, and durable enough to stand up to some decent abuse.

Bedliner is Great for Rust on Your Trailer.

Diamond-Plate Trailer Coated with Bedliner

Also, consider what options you have if the diamond plate on your trailer is starting to rust. a DIY spray-on bedliner such as Raptor Liner is a great way to protect it from corrosion and make it look good too. The above photos shows a truck bed on a trailer, but the idea is the same. Bedliner provides good looks, durability, and no more rusty diamond plate!

You Can Match Your Tow Vehicle.

A trailer can also benefit from a bedliner paint job in other ways. In this Jeep camping trailer, it adds durability and helps the trailer fend off rust and corrosion by the outdoor elements. It may very well match the tow vehicle too, or at least parts of it. It’s easy to match accessories with bedliner because even if it’s a slightly different texture it’s really hard to tell from any distance.

You Can Put Bedliner on a Wood Trailer Too.

Wooden Trailer with Bedliner Paint Job

Bedliner doesn’t have to be sprayed on to be useful on a trailer, either. Many trailer owners roll it right onto the wood to protect it from weathering and give it a great no-slip surface. If you’re going to roll it on, a great product is Dupli-color Bed Armor. It’s tough as nails and a great value too.

If your trailer is slippery when wet or needs an aesthetic upgrade, consider what a DIY bedliner might do for you. You can quickly transform your trailers look, protect it from the elements, and make it safer all at the same time.

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