Bedliner – A Budget Friendly Paint Alternative

Jeep with bedliner paint job

Consider Bedliner if You Want a New Paint Job for Your Vehicle on a Budget

There are people out there with a lot of expendable income to spend on their projects – and then there are the other 99% of people working on their vehicles. If you want to paint your truck, car, ATV or any other vehicle but you are on a tight budget, you might want to consider a bedliner paint job. It’s a budget-friendly alternative with a great look.

Of course, you have to like how bedliner looks, but if you’re into a rugged and durable exterior on your vehicle, you really can’t go wrong spraying it with a high quality, Budget friendly bedliner such as Raptor Liner

When comparing a bedliner paint job to a traditional paint job, consider the cost savings. You might be able to buy a cheap automotive paint for about the same price as bedliner, but there are a lot of hidden costs if you want to spray automotive paint.

Bedliner requires fewer components than paint

Generally speaking automotive paint is MUCH more particular than bedliner regarding surface prep, primers, and application environment, and requires more specialized additives than a DIY bedliner does. You may need a specialized primer for an automotive paint job, whereas bedliner will adhere very well to most surfaces just by cleaning and scuffing. You may also need a clear coat if you choose a 2 stage auto paint, which can be even more expensive than the paint itself!

Bedliner requires less prep than paint

Another important consideration when considering a paint job is required prep. One HUGE advantage of a bedliner paint job is that it hides a lot of imperfections on the surface of your vehicle. This is absolutely not true of automotive paint. Paint will show every scratch, every bit of peeling clear coat, and every tiny dent or ding on your vehicle, and will require a lot more prep. (think bond-o). Bedliner on the other hand, will do a great job of hiding these imperfections. The amount of money potentially saved on body supplies alone makes a huge impact on your budget.

Bedliner requires less time commitment than paint

Finally, consider the time commitment of an automotive paint job versus a bedliner paint job. Because automotive paint requires so much more prep and the surface has to be near perfect, it can easily require, 2-3 times the amount of time to complete, if not more. Time is a valuable commodity for all of us, and if you want to complete your paint job within a reasonable time frame bedliner is a much more viable option.

Overall, bedliner is cheaper, more user friendly, and requires less time to apply than a traditional automotive paint job. Keep these factors in mind when planning your project, and you might decide a budget-friendly bedliner paint job is right for you. If so, check out my step-by-step guide to get you started.

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