What Makes a Good Candidate for a Bedliner Paint Job?

If you are considering painting your car or truck with a DIY bedliner product such as Raptor Liner, you may be wondering if your vehicle is a good candidate.. I’ve seen a lot of different opinions about bedliner paint jobs over the years – a lot of people like them, some people hate them. Even among fans of the bedliner paint job, there is some division regarding what types of vehicles make a good platform for such a treatment. It’s a matter of opinion of course, but it’s worth a quick discussion.

Flipping or Keeping?

First of all, it’s worth mentioning that a bedliner paint job will probably not increase the resale value of your vehicle. There can be exceptions to this of course, if the vehicle’s paint job is bad enough and the local market supports it. That being said, bedliner will generally make it harder to sell the vehicle and will often decrease the amount you can sell it for. So, if your primary concern is flipping a car or maximum resale value, your car is probably not the best candidate for a bedliner make-over. If you plan on keeping it, the resale value may not be as important to you, so what might not be a good candidate to flip might still be a keeper.

Before Raptor Liner

How’s the Paint?

The number one thing I look at when considering a Raptor Liner paint job is the condition of the current paint. After all, Raptor Liner is a type of paint coating, so finding a cheap vehicle in need of paint is a solid strategy. I like to avoid vehicles with mechanical problems as much as possible, because expenses can outweigh any profit from a flip.

I think it’s a good idea to avoid vehicles with mechanical problems when possible. A good Raptor Liner paint job will take care of a lot of cosmetics, but a bad engine or transmission can quickly destroy the value of a vehicle, even if it looks cool.

So, the bottom line is to look for vehicles (especially trucks) that need some major paint work, but run and drive well. You can often get an ugly vehicle cheap, and then it’s Raptor Liner to the rescue! Ultimately, what makes a good candidate for a Raptor Liner paint job is up to you – just think it through before you get started, and have fun with it! Don’t forget to check out my step-by-step guide first to help the process go smoother too.

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